This article attempts to cover up to date Cheat Engine alternatives, softwares like Cheat Engine that are in active development, and are somewhat equivalent in terms of features

Let's start by the definition of Cheat Engine alternative. The best alternatives to Cheat Engine are and have been in active development for years and have rival or improved features and should be at least more user-friendly. Why they would use your alternative if your software got nothing new to offer!? Of course, casual users want scripting support. Reverse engineering is not something you will learn during a weekend. It may easily take a several years of study before you can do anything practical. The minimum requirements for a Cheat Engine alternative are:
  • Disassembler
  • Debugger
  • Memory pointer scanner
  • Memory scanner
  • Scripting support

Undetected Cheat Engine alternatives

If you have to use multiple tools to achieve the same result, it is not practical. The more difficult your reverse engineering task is, the more you will benefit off when you can do the same task with as less tools as possible. Cheat Engine is mostly used cheating in PC games and many game detects CE so an undetected Cheat Engine is probably what the reader of this article is also looking for. Many today PC game have some kind of anti-debug or anti-cheat protection. The more you need to use different tools, the more there will be detection vectors as well.


AUTHOR: White Byte
HEX DEREF vs Cheat Engine: Interoperability between tools is much better compared to Cheat Engine. Simplicity. More convient to use. A lot faster code dissection feature in the memory viewer. The memory viewer "Data/structures" mode is considerably better implementation than in any other Cheat Engine alternative.
Cheat Engine vs HEX DEREF: Pretty much the only advantages are scripting support, active community and 32-bit support.
  • Free closed-source written in C#/C++. Currently supports only x64 (64-bit) processes
  • Fully dynamic memory viewer with multi-threaded Cheat Engine like 64-bit disassembler
  • The disassembler includes a built-in feature that generates unique assembly signatures for the entire process unlike the Cheat Engine
  • Includes Cheat Engine core functionality with AVX2 optimized memory scanner
HEX DEREF - 64-bit disassembler


The HEX DEREF memory pointer scanner is a lot more convenient version of the Cheat Engine memory pointer scanner that improves the interoperability of software tools. These features can save you a lot of wasted time if you know what you're doing.
Memory pointer scanner